The Mattellone Srl company that products the W-eye collection, boasts more than twenty years experience in working wood with its several uses and recently has reinvented and marked the ways in which wood is processed and worked, mainly focusing on bending plywood and hardwood. The W-eye frames and sunglasses are made by choosing sheets of wood of 0.5mm thickness, grouped together according to their aesthetic and mechanical properties. Seven sheets of wood are then interlaid with two sheets of aluminium. The sheets of wood are disposed with the fibres running in alternating directions: first vertically, then horizontally, and so on. This makes the structure both resistant and flexible at the same time. After subsequent milling, polishing, chamfering and testing, the glasses are marked and painted. All w-eye wooden glasses are unique and impossible to duplicate. At the end of the manufacturing process the glasses are branded with a sophisticated laser system that etches the glasses numbering. In this way, each pair of glasses remains a unique piece for ever.


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